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คัฟเฟ่ แวร์ญาโน่ 1882 (052) เมล็ดกาแฟคั่วกลาง ครีม่า 800 ขนาด 1000 กรัม

รหัสสินค้า : 1COFVERBEA-CREMA1000
แบรนด์สินค้า : คัฟเฟ่ แวร์ญาโน่ 1882

2,200.00 บาท

Espresso Crema

Blend description

Smooth and aromatic, this blend boasts a fruity flavour, typical of the Central American Arabica and the intense chocolaty aroma of Asian Robusta. The beans, hand-picked individually, are sourced from small plantations in the Guatemalan highlands, in order to guarantee a top quality harvest. This blend boasts a perfectly balanced aroma and body to please the palate of those who love a delicate, fragrant and light, yet full-bodied coffee.

Roasting level : Medium

Origins : Mix of Arabica from central-south America and Arabica from Africa - Robusta from Asia

Sensory notes : Yellow fruit, milk chocolate, pastry, cereals, bread crust.