We are Eurocave


Designer and manufacturer of solutions for maturing, serving and displaying wine, for more than 40 years, EuroCave has been creating products to meet all of your needs. Our 500 models of wine cabinets, storage systems, cellar conditioners and cigar humidors are manufactured in France, in a small town called Fourmies in Nord, the brand's historic birthplace. Our products undergo strict testing and are all guaranteed to store your wine in the best possible conditions. "300,000 customers throughout the world, 30,000,000 bottles of stored, the finest wines protected, highly regarded by many sommeliers, inventor of the wine cabinet in 1976, the only name you need to remember for your wine storage needs ... EuroCave."


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For wine enthusiasts, we, Great Earth, deeply understand that one of the greatest happiness is when you leisurely select a bottle of your favourite wine from your own wine cellars at home. You have been storing your wine for quite some years in your wine fridge for them to mature properly and now it is time to draw the cork and enjoyably drink it with your loved ones. This is the kind of experiences that we would like our dearly customers to have and that is why our many years of experiences is revolving around how to make wine enthusiasts happy by using our services. However, not every wine cellar deserves to store your expensive and good wine but only wine cellar from well-established and worldly known brand that we inherently trust. Therefore, the brand we choose is EuroCave wine cellars and EuroCave wine fridge.

Great Earth, a sole distributor of EuroCave wine cellars in Thailand

We are a sole distributor of EuroCave wine cellars in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. EuroCave is well-known for its wine cellars and wine fridge since 1976. Since then, EuroCave has been putting an effort in improving its wine cellars and wine fridge that also lift the worldwide standard for cellar management system. EuroCave has basically 2 main challenges which is, firstly, to use technological expertise to create high-performance products specifically designed for storing wine and, secondly, to create beautiful display cabinets to showcase your bottles in order to make a customer's experiences in storing wine as good as possible.

As a world-class company and well-established producer of high-end products, EuroCave has four goals that make us strongly believe that this is the brand we can trust. Firstly, EuroCave wants to ensure the quality of its wine cellars and wine fridge products to save time for customers. Secondly, EuroCave always respect the culture of wine, the activities and the language. Thirdly, EuroCave wants to enhance the wine tasting experience as much as possible. Lastly, EuroCave wants to promote French wine and winemaking.

With all these reasons, if you are simply a wine lover or an owner of restaurant or bar looking for world-class wine cellars or wine fridge, you have come to the right place. Let Great Earth help you find the best wine cellars and wine fridge that fits your need with our wine experts to serve you through the whole process both before and after-sale services. And with us, your wine experience will never be the same again.