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Intermediate Barista Course

An intermediate barista course is designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills needed to become a professional barista.
Course Duration: 2 Days.
Class size: 12-16 participants.
*Free Professional Barista kit.

Price : ฿ Call for Price

Intermediate Barista Course

• Coffee botany, Arabica and Robusta beans, processing and harvesting.
• Roasting coffee, freshness, storage and life-span, Coffee blends.
• Grinder types, how to get the most out of them and prolong their life-span.
• How to operate & set the grinder, dose and pull a  good espresso shot.
• Tamping techniques and grind settings, how they can change the taste.
• Troubleshooting, how to spot bad coffee by appearance, smell and taste.
• Milk steaming, how to make micro-foam - the silky, velvety milk. 
• The cafe menu (Hot menus, Cold menus)
• Caring and maintenance for your coffee machines – how to properly clean
  your coffee machines and grinder to ensure they stay in top condition.
• Importance of proper coffee extractions, different coffee machine group
  head and its effect on coffee extractions.
• Defining coffee crema, aroma, acidity, strength, body and after taste.
• Milk steaming techniques, dealing with multiple orders and consistency of milk.
• How to set up a coffee shop
• All education credits and test scores as well as Certification completed /
  earned are tracked in each individual.