Latte Art Course

A practical course and barista workshop that introduces participants into an amazing and delicate world of latte art. In this course participants will learn how to make a signature latte art patterns.
Course Duration: 1 Day.
Course Size: 8 par

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Intermediate Barista Course

An intermediate barista course is designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills needed to become a professional barista.
Course Duration: 2 Days.
Class size: 12-16 participants.
*Free Professional Barista kit.

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Basic Barista Course

A basic barista course provides the basic knowledge of coffee and barista for coffee lover.
Duration: 4 Hours.
Class Size: 12-16 Participants.

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Join a Lavazza Barista Training Course in Thailand With Us at Great Earth

Ever wonder how a barista becomes good at what he or she is doing? The answer is that there are variety of ways to succeed in making a good cup of coffee. Some start in a coffee shop learning by heart from experience through a process of trial and error without getting any brewing certificate first. Meanwhile, some start by attending barista training, barista workshop or barista course before applying to be a barista or opening their own coffee shop.

So what is the difference between these two options to become a successful barista? What you have to realise is that making a perfect cup of coffee is a mix of art and science and that’s something you can learn from Lavazza barista training. A good barista will understand how to use each coffee ingredient effectively. If you do not get the picture, think of it as cooking. A good chef will have that instinct to know when to add more sugar or salt to what he cook and how to know when the meat is cooked or not. Of course this kind of instinct will surely come through time and lots of practices but if your time is limited or you want to get a job as a barista as quick as possible, then joining a barista workshop having an expert to guide you in order to be a certified barista is a much quicker way to do so.

Moreover, it was such a long time ago that getting a job as a barista in a coffee shop was easy. You walked in, you submitted a resume and it was done. Nowadays, if you want to be a barista, you need to work hard, be smart, be passionate and be dedicated to practice and learn. The best way to do this is to attend a barista workshop or barista course to hone your skills. Apart from being an authorised distributor of all Lavazza's products, we, Great Earth, are also Lavazza Training Centre in South East Asia providing Lavazza barista training for everyone who dreams to become great at making coffee.

Our many years of experience in coffee and tea has given us the opportunity to create barista courses and barista workshops for Le Cordon Bleu since the establishment of the school and also providing full consultation services for coffee shop start-up by helping new business owners to excel in this area.

With all these reasons, if you are simply a coffee lover who wants to know more about how to make a good cup of coffee, you want to get a brewing certificate to apply for a barista job, or a business owner who wants to pursue your dream of setting up coffee shop business, we would be more than happy to provide you our barista course to become excellent in coffee brewing. Give us a chance and you will see the fruits of having us.