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Wine Lover

With hundreds of thousands of products across categories including coffees, teas, wine cabinets, glassware, kitchenware & tableware, syrups and bakeware among others, Great Earth is the place to visit for all your needs. Find your best personalized wine cellar online with us

We, Great Earth, are the best and most suitable online shop in Thailand not only for wine lovers but also those who are looking for wine-related accessories for their businesses such as restaurants and bars. We are well-established as a one-stop online service to take care of you for everything about wine ranging from making your own wine cellar in Thailand to acquiring storage equipment such as wine racks, wine coolers or wine fridges. No matter what style of wine cellar you want, we can take care of it. We can provide you with a personalized wine cellar or custom wine cellars backed by over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our wine specialists are more than ready to help you create the best wine cellar in Thailand for your favorite wine.

Store Your Wine in Our World-Class Wine Cellars and Fridges

Wine is an alcoholic drink made of fermented grapes through natural processes. It needs to be stored properly and safely in your home. That is the reason why a wine cellar or wine cabinet is necessary since it will control the environment to be most suitable for storing your wine. Moreover, not only does it help prevent your wine from spoiling, it will also help improve wine's flavor, aroma and the complexity of your wine when it ages over time.

Great Earth sees the importance of these facts about wine and we also understand how important these facts are to wine enthusiasts. That is why we use our experience and also our deep love of wine, to provide you with the knowledge required to create a wine cellar in Thailand. Not only do we have wine cellars, wine cabinet and wine racks, we also have other wine-related accessories such as wine dispensers, wine glasses, wine decanters, wine decanter stands and wine polishing cloths. We are more than able to say that if you are a wine lover, our online shop will service all your needs.

Apart from wine cellars, wine cabinet, wine racks or any wine related accessories that we provide, we are also proud to serve you through every stage of setting up your personalized wine cellar from gauging your needs to providing after-sales support. At Great Earth, you can select world-class products online from EuroCave, a globally recognized brand, which is solely distributed in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar by Great Earth. Your experience with us will be quick and easy with our wine specialists ready to guide you through the process. Let us take care of everything to do with wine for you.