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EUROCAVE Cigar Humidor

EuroCave cigar humidors make a unique cigar storage and preservation solution for cigar lovers. The humidity levels inside the EuroCave cigar cabinet ensure that it is the perfect environment for retaining all of the qualities of your cigars.

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EUROCAVE Cigar Humidor

As with all natural products, cigars need special attention. They must be protected from extreme temperatures and must be kept in a moist environment. The ideal conditions - temperature of 17°C and approximately 70% of relative humidity. Thanks to the exclusive humidity and temperature control system, EuroCave guarantees ideal storage conditions for your cigars. A constant temperature of 9°C - 18°C Hygrometry of 65% - 75% Various types of storage to best meet your requirements. For example, a presentation tray on a sliding shelf (made of rot-proof exotic wood) allows you to elegantly present your cigars.

• Dimensions in H 950 x W 654 x D 462 mm
• Weight 48 kg
• Capacity Up to 4000 cigars
• Maximum cigar box capacity 100 cigar paquets
• Amplitude settings 9 to 18°
• Single temperature
• Outdoor temperature of use (mini/maxi) 0°C/35°C
• Carbon filter
• Lockable
• Number of shelves : 1 tray + 2 sliding drawers + 1 fixed shelf
• Warranty 3 years for parts, labour and call-out

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