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EUROCAVE Tete a Tete

The first wine bar in a wine serving cabinet. A real gem of a cabinet, La Petite/ Tete a Tete is attractive, innovative and ingenious. Dimension : H 85 X W 29.7 X D 46.2 CM.

Price : ฿ 0.00

EUROCAVE Tete a Tete

• Allows you bring 12 bottles of wine (white or red) to the correct serving temperature for wine ready to be served whatever the circumstances
• Set with 2 detachable oxygen extraction heads, La petite/ Tete a Tete allows you to store 2 opened bottles for up to 10 days, by protecting them from oxidation.
• The temperature is easy to set thanks to the tactile control panel on the front, with backlight keys.
• Available in black, with a glass door and elegant glass top. Discover its many facets.

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