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TRAMONTINA Starflon T5 Lyon 360 Cookware Set 6Pcs.

(Pre Order) The everything skillet. The Lyon 360 is the most versatile skillet you can imagine. It works like an oven, but allows you to prepare whatever you wish on the stovetop. The Lyon 360 is an attractive dish that can be used right on the table.

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Price : ฿ 26,570.00

TRAMONTINA Starflon T5 Lyon 360 Cookware Set 6Pcs.

• 600 x 360 x 210 mm (L x W x H) • Capacity: 5.60 litres, Thickness: 8.00mm

• Forged aluminum body and lid coated internally with nonstick Starflon Ceramic and externally with silicone-coated polyester.

• Silicone-coated stainless steel handles.

• Aluminum baking molds with internal and external nonstick coating to bake bread, cakes and puddings inside the pan.

• Stainless steel grill to steam food.