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de Buyer ST.Steel Square Ring HT 4.5,8 cm

Square rings with sharp corners and straight 4.5cm edges, ideal for assembling desserts and cold forming.

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Price : ฿ 890.00

de Buyer ST.Steel Square Ring HT 4.5,8 cm

• High-end spring stainless steel ring.
• 4.5 x 8 x 8 cm (H x L x W)
• No oxidation when exposed to low temperatures.
• Flexible sturdy ring for easy mould release: it always returns to its initial shape.
• Exterior corner welding which is resistant to temperature shocks.
• Smooth interior surface for flawless ring-designed desserts.
• Perfectly aligned sides, no offset where welded: minimum ring leakage.
• Permanent marking: size engraved on the ring for easy identification.
• Goes in the freezer, deep-freezer, blast chiller, refrigerator.
• Oven-safe.
• Dishwasher-safe.