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de Buyer ST.Steel Pushing Tool For Round Square

Universal pusher for individual forms. Enables you to remove air bubbles, to compact, equalise and smooth preparations, mousses in triangle, square and round stainless steel rings equivalent to ø 8cm.

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Price : ฿ 470.00

de Buyer ST.Steel Pushing Tool For Round Square

• DImension 10 x 6 x 7 cm (H x L x W)
• Can be used in 2 ways: with the rounded or the angle, fits all ring shapes.
• Can also be used in individual stainless steel rectangles.
• Undeformable strong stainless steel.
• Corner designed in order to introduce the preparation into the corners of the rings.
• Multifunctional and universal: can be used to mould rice, mashed potatoes, mousse, vegetables.