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EUROCAVE Modulotheque System

Just like the Eurocave wine cabinets, the Modulotheque has multiple storage units adapted to wine preservation, thanks to serveral bottle shelf modules. The wide selectionof wine presentation modules enables you to store your bottles as you wish, and to c

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EUROCAVE Modulotheque System

With the Modulotheque, You can build up a totally personalised unit, that will evolve as and when you need it to. Eurocave offers an exclusive modular storage system in solid oak. The thickness of the solid aks used (20mm) offers a high level of robustness and total stability to the Modulotheque, irrespective of the final dimensions. Oak is naturally resistant to humidity and fungous growth. The "transparent linseed" oiled finish nourishes the wood and alone ensure the Modulotheque's maintenance for several years. Not only that, Modulotheque rest on feet made of aluminium, a solid age and stress resistant material. They can be adjusted in height to ensure the total stability of the unit and to compensate for un even floors. For more information please call 02 255 1168.