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EUROCAVE Modulosteel System

Eurocave Modulosteel is contemporary storage system made from black painted steel treated with epoxy resin. Eurocave is adding to its range of storage systems with Modulosteel: easy to assemble modules which can be attached to each other in an infinite nu

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EUROCAVE Modulosteel System

Customisable, Modulosteel can be assembled in endless ways thanks to its modules which are attached to each other side by side. Adjustable to mid-height, it also adapts to low or arched ceilings. Eurocave Modulosteel has a very strong structure, the structure was designed to be easily assembled. Three fastening systems ensure complete stability. A choise of optional extras of Modulosteel allows you to optimise your storage space and give it a homely feel - option extra1 : A wine storage unit with 6 ACMS shelves for increasing your storage capacity up to 72 bottles and option extra2 : A finishing top cover is easily assembled on top of the central storage section. Can be used with the structure at maximum or mid-height. For more information please call 02 255 1168.