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EUROCAVE Wine Art Black/Silver

Wine Art... guarantees that your wine will be at a perfect serving temperature thanks to the service temperature system...allows all of the flavours of your wine to remain intact, allows you the freedom to drink a bottle opened several days ago at your ow

Price : ฿ 31,000.00

EUROCAVE Wine Art Black/Silver

The exclusive Wine Art system has two separate compartments, allowing you to bring 2 bottles of red and/or white to the correct serving temperature. Therefore, red wine needs to be served at about 16 °C and white or rosé wine at about 8 °C Once opened, your bottles can be put back in a Wine Art compartment. The innovative air extraction system ensures that your wine is protected from risk of oxidation up to a maximum of 10 days after it has been opened. Weight: 5.48 kg Capacity: 70W Operating ambient temperature: 18-30 °C

Dimension: W 24.5 x D 24.8 x H 47.8  CM.

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