We are Vedrenne


Vedrenne has been making its syrups since 1923 in Nuits St George in the heart of Burgundy, France. Throughout the years, Vedrenne has constantly improved and adapted their production tools in line with market evolution, thus meeting the requirement of all customers and guaranteeing a top quality result for their whole range of products. Vedrenne has been IFS (at the highest level) certified since 2006. Resulting from deliberate intention to offer consumers quality syrups, the whole range is in line with the importance given to the raw materials used : syrups made with pure natural sugar, prepared in accordance with the traditional methods, exclusively with saccharose. Whether it is Vedrenne Caramel Syrup to top desserts and drinks or delicious syrups for Italian sodas or french sodas, Vedrenne provides products that deliver on all counts.


Great Syrup and Great Liqueur

Picture a tasty-looking Italian soda. You know that the drink itself is a simple combination of ingredients, just carbonated soda, AKA club soda, and of course, the syrup. Italian soda can just be straight-up mix of soda and syrup or that light-whipped syrupy texture that clouds the drinks beautifully. The pleasure of drinking an Italian soda is an experience that combines a visual spectacle, refreshing feeling and most importantly, tantalizing taste. You can always add more syrup as topping such as the Vedrenne Caramel Syrup or Vedrenne Black Chocolate Syrup.

Vedrenne has spent decades innovating the syrups and liqueurs that make our drinks delicious, exciting and of high quality. Burgundy, France is known for its incredible wines and it is easy to forget that the Burgundy soil is also responsible for some of the most scrumptious fruits in Europe and indeed, the world.

Vedrenne purchases some of the best fruit and ingredients possible as they are the base of their products. Vedrenne works with Burgundian farmers who have set up an integrated and modern organic farm system to produce the best fruits in the region. The cellars of Vedrenne’s factories are churning out syrups that meet high-quality standard. Vedrenne products win awards and prizes that just enforce their status as one of the best syrup makers in the world. Taste the excellence with Vedrenne Cassis Syrup or Vedrenne Caramel Syrup to see what we mean.

Smooth Vedrenne Flavours Available on Great Earth

Vedrenne’s fruit syrups include favourites such as blackcurrant, cherry, blueberry and so many more. These flavours make the Italian soda, a truly exciting and tantalizing journey of flavour and refreshment.

Whether it is the Vedrenne Black Chocolate Syrup or the Vedrenne Caramel Syrup, your dessert is served with a delightful balance of sweetness and flavour., which bring cocktails and mocktails to life.