We are Lavazza


Every year Lavazza selects the best coffees from plantations all over the world in order to create our specialised blends. The sublime balance of each blend is obtained by mixing several types of coffee, which differ in terms of quality (Arabica or Robusta), type of processing (washed or natural) and, lastly, country of origin. All the specific benefits and characteristics of these different elements are integrated and compounded to produce a perfectly balanced coffee, with a distinctive flavour, aroma and body. Whether it is a Lavazza capsule or one of our signature cafe blends, all our products go through rigorous quality checks to meet our high standards.


History of Lavazza

Before the arrival of Lavazza in Thailand, this Italian coffee company was already a globally recognized brand that has been at the forefront of coffee production around the world. In fact, Lavazza has spread around the world with coffee and the two are now inseparable. Lavazza has also been extremely influential in the innovation of coffee and coffee culture from Lavazza coffee machines to Lavazza coffee capsules and more.

It all began in 1895, when Luigi Lavazza opened the his shop in via San Tommaso, Turin in 1895. Luigi Lavazza was fascinated by coffee, coffee beans and the plant itself. He would study it to learn its various characteristics and he was obsessed with finding out as much about it as he could about the plant. This incredible will to study as much as possible led to Luigi Lavazza’s introduction in to the world of coffee blending, which would take his name, Lavazza to Thailand and many other countries around the world.

Lavazza made a trip to Brazil to see firsthand how the coffee plant would grow as it could not be cultivated in Europe. Here he saw how coffee as a drink had massive potential to change the world. Luigi Lavazza quickly took to the art of blending coffee and began ordering coffee beans from Brazil to Turin, where he would blend the beans into coffee and they would also become Lavazza capsules in the future.

Lavazza in Thailand

Great Earth is pleased to present various products of Lavazza in Thailand. Browse our selection online and choose from coffee, machines or even Lavazza capsules. Coffee lovers will enjoy the variety of products that Great Earth has to offer.

The Lavazza coffee machines can service large cafes, offices all the way down to professional grade coffee makers for the home. Experience the indulgent Italian coffee experience combined with modern technology with Lavazza capsules, the ultimate way to store and enjoy coffee.

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